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Most Seminaries specializes in the higher education of the clergy however, the real reason for a Seminary is a preparation of someone for the ministry. We have limited that to the clergy yet there are many people in churches all over the world that are hard working servants in the ministry. Sunday school teachers, Youth workers, music leaders, are just some of the positions that are filled by the laity. These hard working people are often not able to leave their homes, jobs and churches to get the education that they would really like to have, to do their best for Christ.

We at Texas Baptist Seminary want to be able to help the Pastor, Missionary, the Bible student or church member, who cannot leave their responsibilities to obtain a basic ministry diploma or who want to have an advanced diploma in theology or ministry related area. You can have the preparation you want while serving at your local church. 

Texas Baptist Seminary is a fundamental, Baptist Seminary where anyone from anyplace can study their Bible for better service to Christ our Lord. You never have to leave your church, your home, or job to obtain your education.